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Our Services

We provide a full range of tree services to our customers. Some of our more popular services follow.


No one likes to remove trees for sport, but there are times when tree removal is necessary. Whether a tree is distressed or a hazard, the tree has outgrown its space or is just not in the plans for a landscape redesign, Mitchell Tree Service has the equipment and experience to remove trees safely and efficiently.


Proper pruning can enhance the natural beauty of a tree, increase the safety of a tree, lengthen the life span of a tree, and enhance the curb appeal of a house or housing development. There is, in fact, a science to pruning. An improper pruning cut can lead to a branch or even the tree dying in extreme cases. Mitchell Tree Service uses industry accepted practices when pruning.

Stump Grind

Stumps and roots from removed trees can be a hazard and an eyesore. Mitchell Tree Service can grind ugly stumps and roots of removed trees to below grade level. Grinding stumps and roots alleviates a potential trip hazard; a nesting place for insects that can harm other trees, your home, or people; allows the landscape to be smoothed out; and gives the option to replant in the general area of the stump.


There is only one reason to cable any tree, and that is to provide extra support for a weak-spot in the tree thus prolonging the tree's life and making it safer. Cabling and effective pruning are usually used in tandem to take pressure off a weak-spot in a tree. Weak-spots can vary in any tree and some examples are: split or decayed crotches, codominant branches, heavy limbs or limbs that extend over structures or traffic areas. Cabling is also used to support trees with wide spreading branches or multiple stems that might be threatened by high wind, ice or snow. Cabling can be done using steel cables or using dynamic cable systems. There are reasons to use each cabling system, Mitchell Tree Service favors the use of dynamic cabling systems because the tree is not wounded when the dynamic cable system is installed whereas when a steel cable is installed the tree must be drilled into.


Fertilizing a tree can make a dramatic positive impact to a tree when used properly. There are multiple types of fertilizers that can be used as dictated by the need of the tree. Once the need is diagnosed the proper fertilizer can be applied. There are 4 types of fertilizer application. Spraying, basil drench, soil injection and micro tree injection. Mitchell Tree Service favors basil drench and soil injection because these methods do less potential damage to wildlife, people and property than micro tree injection and spraying.

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